Relaxation area with sauna and spa in Carnac

Come and discover our space dedicated to your well-being in our campsite in Carnac

In a wooded setting, in the peace and quiet; forget the daily stress and relax! At Les Bruyères de Carnac, we have thought of and created for you a space dedicated to relaxation. In addition to our heated poolThis space is part of the our 3-star services to make your stay in Morbihan a pleasant one. thalasso airs. Composed of a Sauna and a private outdoor SPAYou will be able to enjoy the full benefits of both on your body. Our campsite in Carnac with indoor swimming pool and spa offers you the opportunity to relax in the fresh Breton air with your feet in the water. You can leave serene and invigorated!

A campsite with sauna and spa in Morbihan

Let yourself go for a moment of pure relaxation:

  • Our outdoor SPA can accommodate up to 5 people and has about 30 jets distributed over the most important points in your body.
  • Our SAUNA will allow you to purify your skin, to evacuate all the toxins and to relax.

For two, or with friends, share a UNIQUE experience at the Campsite Les Bruyères

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As soon as you enter our SPA, you will immediately feel the relaxing effect on your body and mind :

  • The water jets have a massaging effect and act on the whole body or in a targeted manner, depending on the orientation of the nozzles.
  • The hydro massage stimulates the blood circulation and has a firming effect on your skin.
  • Finally, with family or friends, the whirlpool has the advantage of developing conviviality!

This service is subject to a fee and must be booked at the campsite reception.

SAUNA and SPA FORBIDDEN TO CHILDREN under 18 years old

 The Sauna

Originating in Finland, the benefits of the Sauna lie in the fact that it alternates between hot and cold. The hot, dry air in the sauna opens the pores and cleanses the body. Then the cold shower tightens the pores of your skin and revitalizes your whole body. The benefits of the Sauna are many :

  • Stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and reduces joint stiffness.
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Sweating helps to flush toxins from your body
  • Calms the nerves, real anti-stress due to the secretion of endorphins and helps sleep
  • Makes your skin more beautiful, soft and pure and combats skin problems.

Relaxation and wellness area