Campsite Baie de Quiberon

A little piece of paradise in Brittany, the Quiberon peninsula is a oasis of discovery. Wild coastline, enchanting landscape and lands steeped in history, this charming destination has to do with escape. Nature loverssports enthusiasts and farniente lovers, the Les Bruyères de Carnac 3* campsite in Quiberon Bay, promises you an unforgettable stay.

Discover and stay at a campsite near Vannes

Vannes is a very pretty city, situated in the Gulf of Morbihanin Southern Brittany. Situated between land and sea, and with the "Ville d'Art et d'Histoire" (Town of Art and History) label, it enjoys an exceptional location. Geographically, it offers the chance to enjoy sumptuous seascapes. There are magnificent beaches, as well as numerous islands surrounded by crystal-clear water, worthy of a postcard setting. Inland, Vannes also boasts exceptional natural landscapes, such as the Gulf of Morbihan Regional Nature Park, with its remarkable flora and fauna. The town itself also has many special features. Its rich heritage, mainly inherited from medieval times, is a prime example. Wandering through the narrow streets of Vannes is like immersing yourself in a sumptuous setting. There are authentic, colourful timber-framed houses and splendid monuments such as the Porte Saint-Vincent, whose architecture always delights visitors. Water is also very much present here, thanks in particular to La Marle, a coastal river that flows into the historic centre.

What can you do on a camping holiday in Quiberon Bay?

A wealth of leisure activities await you in Quiberon Bay from our camping in Morbihan. Onwards and upwards never-before-seen adventuresby setting sail or exploring the megalithic sites in and around Carnac.


Hiking trails

Take to the footpaths to enjoy the variety of landscapes, between dunes, beaches, flower meadows, fountains, dolmens and menhirs. Take a step up to the Pointe de Conguel. From here, you'll have an unbeatable view of the neighbouring islands! From Quiberon à CarnacAlong the way, you'll discover a wealth of treasures. By bike or on foot, discover Menecof Kermario and grotte de l'Apothicaire.


On the waves

On a sunny day, the weather invites you to a surf session and diving. On the Plouharnel beaches or the Trinité-sur-Merschools and water sports clubs are becoming established along the coast. It's up to you to organise your stay and enjoy all the pleasures: kitesurfing, sand yachting, paddle yoga and canoeing. Take a cruise to discover the Islands in the Gulf of Morbihan.


A journey into the past

Change course, change scenery and step back in time by entering the dolmens territory. Welcome to the kingdom of the menhirs, this immense valley adorned with majestic standing stonesThe remains of the megalithic civilisation. A journey rich in stories, retracing the mythical heritage of this not-to-be-missed Breton site.

Camping in Quiberon Bay

Contemplate each sunrise and sunset and admire its many colours from the 3* Les Bruyères campsite in Carnac. As well as this magnificent view, this camping in Quiberon Bay is renowned for the comfort of its accommodation. With the utmost care for its guests, the establishment offers a supported choice of accommodation to suit all tastes. Choose from our mobile home rentals in CarnacIt can accommodate both families and couples. Equipped with air-conditioned rooms and flat-screen TVs, these accommodations also feature private bathrooms. If you choose to pitch a tent, the campsite has 93 pitches for this purpose. with electrical connections. Le campsite in Carnac with indoor swimming pool has an aquatic area as well asa spa and sauna. Our residents can enjoy wellness treatments and relax to their heart's content. The evenings and various events on offer will give you the chance to enjoy yourself and have a great time.

Les Bruyères 3* campsite in quiberon bay

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